Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stopping to smell the flowers

I'd like to be blogging about all of my wonderful new stock arriving in store - but I haven't had time to talk to new Makers as my head has been stuck in our first end of month paperwork storm: figuring out processes, realising there are probably a few gaps in my creative excel based accounts, trying to re-order top up stock after that wonderful opening night last week...

No time to visit all of those wonderful weekend markets that are currently on and which provide me with a great source of talented Makers to entice to our store - and make my job so very pleasurable.

So this morning I stopped and took a little breath. I had bought a bunch of cornflowers from the local florist and spent some time putting them in small vases around the shop. I love having flowers around.

with Cosse products and Ally Pops Hummingbird mirror

In the window...
so pretty

I have also planted some summer loving flowers in a terracotta planter with Kabwares Hope, Wish Dream teaspoon garden markers.

Take a seat, look around....deep breath... straighten back....relax $6 you couldn't get a cheaper form of therapy!

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