Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lovely new things

We've had so many wonderful things coming in over the last couple of weeks I thought I'd share some with you, and also the "make over" one side of the shop received to accommodate new clothes. The ladder was home to the jewellery but I just couldn't find a clothes display that I liked (or that our barely studded walls could handle) so the ladder has found a new purpose just for now, no doubt I'll rearrange again in the next few weeks!

Now on the hunt for an interesting jewellery display option!

Write to Me drawstring bags

"Summer Sleeps", Stories by Starlight

Katarzynkha bags (and Allypops Stag mirror)

Katarzynkha silk/hemp/leather clutch

Mookah Fairy Penguins - because I just can't get enough of these little guys

Cosse soy candles (christmassy orange & cinnamon and the lovely lemon verbena)

Zilpah Tart bags from Canberra

Zoe.O satchels with the most devine purple vintage fabric lining! 

Arthurs Circus kids tee's

Zoe. O cotton cord skirt with vintage doily embellishment

Arthurs Circus framed photos

Delilah Devine earrings

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  1. Everything looks lovely, and the ladder idea is great!