Friday, January 28, 2011

summer lovin' Twirling Betty Sun Visors

How gorgeous are these sun visors from Twirling Betty?

I had included them in my last newsletter, but since then have popped them in the window for a bit of a summer vibe....

I tried to take photos during the day when they are at their most glorious....but that just shows all the dirt I didn't know was on my window!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maker Profile : Yardage Design

Nicole James from Yardage Design is a Melbourne based textile designer who provides us with a wonderful, bold range of hand screen printed fabrics. Maker Handmade carries Yardage Design tea towels, cushion covers, market bags and DIY bunting panels.

Who is the Maker behind Yardage Design?

Hello! I’m Nicole James, the owner and jack-of-all-trades behind Yardage Design. I am an environmental scientist by profession, who has been dabbling in creative pursuits since childhood. I have been screen printing for a few years now, and decided to start my own independent textile design and hand printing business just over a year ago. I’m loving the journey!

Tell us about the process of creating your products, from concept to finish?

My creative process usually starts with a need. I like to design and make things that suit my needs (as we renovate our 1890’s cottage) and colour palette. Design ideas come from lots of places - plants, architecture, books, magazines - whatever happens to be in my field of vision that catches my eye. The idea is sketched by hand and then refined on the computer before a screen is prepared. Colours are mixed and test prints taken. Lifting the screen to reveal a new design is the best feeling! The final step is packaging and preparing for sale.

What’s in the name? 

The name “Yardage Design” came from a simple circular design (now my logo) that was one of the first graphics I created when I was thinking about starting a textile business. The circle motif represents the end of a bolt of fabric, and that got me thinking about words associated with fabric. I settled on “yardage” because I like its vintage appeal and it was my goal to print fabric by the metre.

What do you make? 

I hand screen print my own designs onto a range of natural fibre (organic cotton, hemp, linen) fabric and homewares. My homewares range currently includes tea towels, market bags and cushions. I also have a range of fabrics that are used for interior decoration and dressmaking. Keep an eye out for new products and fabric designs in 2011!

What do you love about what you do? 

I love ...

~ turning an idea into something tangible and practical that other people can enjoy

~ being creative, with a purpose

~ being part of the amazing online craft community

~ lifting the screen and seeing a beautiful print ... it never gets boring!

~ working for myself and having much more time to spend with my family.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maker Handmade makes the papers (with a little help from Mookah)

Well isn't it a lovely thing that the Makers we stock provide us with such lovely products!

Maker Handmade got a mention in the Herald Sun Weekend lift out - now publicly and officially declared our favourite weekend mag - "Love it" column today and we're very excited. Have a little look and you'll find a lovely Mookah Fairy Penguin gracing the page and Tilli Michelle gets a mention as well for those amazing clutches.

Thanks to witty and entertaining feature writer Wendy Tuohy supporting our little shop - and yay everybody!

Herald Sun "Weekend" Lift Out - Love it column - 15 January 2011

Tilli Michelle vintage Japanese silk & leather clutches

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mister Moustache is here!

Oh yay they're here!

I found the Mister Moustache baby mobile on the Babyology newsletter months ago and just had to have them in store.

All the way from Berlin, it has taken a looooong time for them to get here and just as I was about to write them off as a loss - but happy days!

My husband has some indigenous artists in his gallery at the moment painting, and along with one of their grandsons Liam who is 7 and helped me open the package, there were some very delighted giggles!!

Made from 100% recycled paper and nut veneer. Uber hip!

Mister Moustache mobile from jall & tofta (Germany)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maker auctions for the Qld Flood Relief Appeal

Well here's a good chance to get some great goodies AND help out our neighbours.  Check back regularly for updates to this post, listing Makers who are auctioning off their wares to raise funds for the Qld Flood Relief Appeal.

Click on the links below for more information - and bid generously!!

Twirling Betty is raffling a $60 voucher to her online store, plus a $40 donation to the flood relief fund in your name.

Toni Coward is auctioning off a signed copy of her book "Make it Perfect" (my mother and I recently flicked through this book and it's just great), the book will be accompanied by a few pairs of Toni's gorgeous chill out slippers.

Chantal from Chantal Vincent Art is auctioning these delightful stamps, along with some of her prints and her sister's Little Wrap Bags.

I know there's one or two other Makers out there who are going to do something similar, I'll post them here as I can. If you know of any or want me to link to your blog for appeal efforts just leave a comment!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a little sale for a little shop!

10% off everything in store
until Sunday 16th January

Ahhh, this is my first almost full day back in the shop today and I am loving it. I obviously love my children more, but trying to manage two holidaying kids with two owner operated businesses can be a little stressful and definitely means that I'm not able to enjoy either kids nor shop as I should. They have a playdate with a whole bunch of other kids and a very brave babysitter for a few hours so I can sit, think and get organised.

Anyhow, to celebrate we are having a little shop sale of  10% off everything in store until Sunday16th January. We also have 30% of all xmas stock, which makes those handmade xmas cards and tags very cheap and ready to adorn next year's gifts!

We will slowly bring in some new stock over the coming weeks, and a new Maker profile as well, I'll keep you posted!