Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parliament is in session

I discovered Blaise McFarlane and her owls at Mornington Markets a couple of months ago and was just smitten.

Blaise popped in yesterday and has entrusted me with her "parliament" of owls, who are of course now gracing our window as all newcomers do. (Yes, Parliament is the correct term for a group of owls. Who are of course known for being wise. Given I worked in Federal Parliament for 9 years no "wise" cracks please!)

A couple of the bigger guys have already found a new home so I'm getting to know the rest while we still have time together! We are currently debating the finer points of parliamentary process and public policy formulation. They really are very good listeners.

The spotted feathers and fabric on this little guy makes him my fave.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dames & Divas add a bit of colour

I was very very excited when Amanda from Dames & Divas dropped in yesterday and left me with a load of treasures made from resin and kimono fabric.

It's possible I was a bit greedy. But the good news is that means you have lots to choose from when you next drop in!

We've got bangle bags (I don't know why I don't already own one), brooches, clips, bangles, earrings (all of them are my favourites), headbands, rings, and cufflinks.

The stock has been out for just a few hours, but I've already had customers asking me to get her shoes in. I may let Amanda take a breath before I covet more of her lovely things though....or I may not. I really need a new pair of ballet flats!

light, resin, colour - it's a beautiful combination

Silver plated cufflinks are only $19.95. If you want these you'd better get in before I have to do my next consulting gig...or they are all mine!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty new shelving

Ahh, didn't Quentin do a lovely job! He took my two spotted gum shelves, one of which was thrown in the garage and the other was a half used wobbly fixture in the shop, and turned them into this lovely, sturdy, shelving and clothing display.

I love it!

If you want to contact Quentin for any of your own commission work you can contact him via his website:

He loves doing shop fittings as well as fun things like chook pens and tree houses, AND he will not only turn up on time but will likely even be early. So clearly he is not just a tradie, he's more like a skilled creative. And a nice guy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A call to (coat) arms

As we speak, the talented Quentin from Q. Design & Construction is building me some shelves and clothes rail.

While my vintage wooden ladder & pedestal combo currently housing the clothes looks fab, it is a little clumsy for adult sized clothes hangers.

The current shelving is also limited. While the salvaged spotted gum is very pretty, Husband and friend had a go at the shelving when I first opened but, unfortunately, their enthusiasm exceeded their skill and the result is a very wobbly shelf and more than one too many additional holes in the wall.

By the end of today we will have some lovely new shelves and a clothes rail as well, so now I have to fill it!!

I need to rally some wonderful makers, so this is my call to (coat) arms for all of those wonderful clothes makers out there who would be willing to put some stock in, on consignment in the first instance. Dresses, cardigans, jumpers, scarves, hats.....both adults and kids.

If you make them or know of anyone who does, I'd love to see some images. They can be emailed direct to .

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new obsession - The Graphics Fairy

Oh wow - if you haven't seen this site yet you've got to take a look!

The Graphic Fairy provides vintage graphics for free download - and because they are mostly pre 1923 legally you are able to use them for private or commercial use.

Get over here and get inspired, but a word of warning, it may just become your new obsession....

The Graphics Fairy

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maker Profile : Reissued

Jacqui Porter from Reissued is a Melbourne based Maker who, rather than making something from scratch, creates beautiful pieces by restyling and recreating furniture. You can always find one or two unique Reissued chairs or stools in Maker Handmade. 

Who are the Makers behind Reissued?

Jacqui Porter is the creative mind behind Reissued Furniture and other things. Jacqui sources and restores the furniture, whilst Alex and George work on the re upholstery. Jacqui also sources sustainable contemporary or vintage fabrics for the furniture from around Australia.

Tell us about the process of creating your products, from concept to finish?

I love the idea of recycling and re-creating a piece of furniture that has already had a history. The creative process of re-styling a piece of furniture varies. Sometimes I fall in love with a piece of furniture or sometimes with a piece of fabric and so I begin at those points. I like to spend a bit of time with a piece of furniture before deciding what I want to do with it. Sanding the timber back on a chair or stool, and then oiling and waxing it helps you get a feel for the piece which allows you to be clearer about the fabrics that will really bring it to life. Similarly sourcing some beautiful screen printed fabric from a talented Australian designer and sitting with it in the studio, really allows me to be much clearer about the types of furniture that would enhance it. Working closely with George and Alex (the upholsterers) who have been in the trade for many years ensures that the upholstery work is done in a style suitable to the piece and with a high quality finish.

What’s in the name?

I hope the name expresses the idea of recycling and recreating. That is: a piece of furniture was issued once many years ago and now it is being issued for a second time but in a different way – i.e. Reissued.

What do you love about what you do?

I love the idea of recycling. I love exploring what a piece of beautiful contemporary or vintage fabric and a piece of sandpaper can do to a very tired and dated piece of furniture. It is very satisfying being part of this transformation. 

What do you hope happens when you send your products out into the world?

I am forever hopeful that some people will appreciate the history, beauty and uniqueness of Reissued furniture and want a chair or a stool or both to be part of their homes. I am looking forward to going to a stranger's home and seeing a piece of Reissued furniture in pride of place by the fireside or under a wonderful painting or something like that.

The important details:

Prices vary depending on the piece of furniture and the fabric used. Jacqui also loves working on commission pieces

Retro stool covered in "Ella & Sofia" screen printed organic cotton fabric - $155 (sold). Pictured with evie lala mary jane baby shoes.

Square retro stool covered in Nicola Cerrini (blue squares) fabric  - $145 (currently in store). Pictured with Sam & Digger scotty dog.