Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dames & Divas add a bit of colour

I was very very excited when Amanda from Dames & Divas dropped in yesterday and left me with a load of treasures made from resin and kimono fabric.

It's possible I was a bit greedy. But the good news is that means you have lots to choose from when you next drop in!

We've got bangle bags (I don't know why I don't already own one), brooches, clips, bangles, earrings (all of them are my favourites), headbands, rings, and cufflinks.

The stock has been out for just a few hours, but I've already had customers asking me to get her shoes in. I may let Amanda take a breath before I covet more of her lovely things though....or I may not. I really need a new pair of ballet flats!

light, resin, colour - it's a beautiful combination

Silver plated cufflinks are only $19.95. If you want these you'd better get in before I have to do my next consulting gig...or they are all mine!