Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty new shelving

Ahh, didn't Quentin do a lovely job! He took my two spotted gum shelves, one of which was thrown in the garage and the other was a half used wobbly fixture in the shop, and turned them into this lovely, sturdy, shelving and clothing display.

I love it!

If you want to contact Quentin for any of your own commission work you can contact him via his website:

He loves doing shop fittings as well as fun things like chook pens and tree houses, AND he will not only turn up on time but will likely even be early. So clearly he is not just a tradie, he's more like a skilled creative. And a nice guy.


  1. they look terrific!...I like the look of that stool under there too, I've a bit of a thing for stools...

  2. thanks! we're very happy with it. The stool is from Reissued, covered in a Nicola Cerrini denim squares fabric. A bargain at $145!!