Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maker auctions for the Qld Flood Relief Appeal

Well here's a good chance to get some great goodies AND help out our neighbours.  Check back regularly for updates to this post, listing Makers who are auctioning off their wares to raise funds for the Qld Flood Relief Appeal.

Click on the links below for more information - and bid generously!!

Twirling Betty is raffling a $60 voucher to her online store, plus a $40 donation to the flood relief fund in your name.

Toni Coward is auctioning off a signed copy of her book "Make it Perfect" (my mother and I recently flicked through this book and it's just great), the book will be accompanied by a few pairs of Toni's gorgeous chill out slippers.

Chantal from Chantal Vincent Art is auctioning these delightful stamps, along with some of her prints and her sister's Little Wrap Bags.

I know there's one or two other Makers out there who are going to do something similar, I'll post them here as I can. If you know of any or want me to link to your blog for appeal efforts just leave a comment!


  1. I've put a bid on this today but have well and truly been outbid now!
    I'm also participating in Toni's auction with one lot on my blog and a separate lot on facebook commencing Monday 17th January : )
    Thanks for the opportunity to share this!

  2. I'm participating in Toni's coordinated effort too with a raffle on my blog:

    And I second Chantal; thanks for the opportunity to spread the word here as well.