Friday, November 26, 2010

Shopping Night Success - See what we can buy Ardoch kids!

Well despite the rain, we had a wonderful turn out of about 60 people at our combined opening and shopping night last night. A HUGE thank you to all who came along and supported Maker Handmade, Blue Door Gallery and of course Ardoch Youth Foundation.

Between Blue Door Gallery and Maker Handmade we raised $525 for Ardoch Youth Foundation. To get an idea of what that means in real terms, here's an example of what we could buy from their online catalogue (which you can browse at the Ardoch website):

1. New school shoes for 10 kids!!
For a family experiencing hardship, new shoes for fast growing feet can be difficult to manage.

2. Breakfast for two children for a year, and substantial change for other items.
Kids can't learn on an empty stomach. Ardoch runs Breakfast Club Programs which gives kids, what can be for some, their only meal for the day.

3. A weekly Met ticket for 37 children!!
If they can't get to school, they can't learn. At $14 per week per child, this can turn out to be a big ticket expense item for some families.

4. Infant Care Package
At $60 per week, our donation could buy a baby whose family is experiencing disadvantage nearly 9 weeks worth of nappies, formula, baby wipes, cream and powder.

The list goes on - honestly a little bit of money can make a huge difference to a child who is struggling to stay in school. If you're in the habit of buying Oxfam gifts for xmas (I've purchased the odd goat myself), perhaps give this local organisation a go this year...

And now a few pics of our night:
Kellee with her Zoe.O satchel purchase, Lisa with Formosa Design T'Towel and
Mandy Burns, Chief Executive of Ardoch Youth Foundation.

Me, Madeleine and Jacqui from Reissued

Passing a Cosse handwash - they were a big hit!

Jenny & Richard -  product display assistants extraordinaire!

Husband Steve and me!

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