Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yardage Design, Space Candles and a new take on retail therapy

I've had a big few days since my last post. Drinks with the girls, a christening, tradesman turning up late (and today not at all...) and in the process of creating and launching my husband's new website I broke his email. Whoops. In the midst of it all my daughter and I came into the shop while it was closed and discovered retail therapy of the meditative kind:

We caressed a Yardage Design cushion....

took a deep breath over a Space Candle....

and we were ready to face the next few hours - a trip to Chadstone - but more on that tomorrow!!



  1. Gorgeous photo's! I might have to hire your daughter for some product shoots! Nic

  2. she's very sweet! I love the hand held out just waiting for her to stop smelling and...drop!! Gorgeous cushion, I love that print.