Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loving the Postman

When I was young and single I had a distinct, rather disconcerting, lack of deliveries from the postman. With the arrival of children the postman increased his visits to my address, but the mail was of the boring white envelope kind.

So imagine my excitement at receiving this little parcel in the mail from Delilah Devine. Opening the box was a visual delight and I just had to clap my hands and do a little dance!

Delilah Devine. Vintage. Handmade. Lovely
Brooches, necklaces and flying wall ducks made with vintage wallpaper. 

In the week that Maker Handmade has been open I have come to really love the postman.


  1. Gorgeous - vintage wallpaper is lovely! Happy 1 week shopiversary! Nic

  2. I love Delilah Devine. She does some fantastic wallpaper brooches.

  3. Those vintage wallpaper birds look fantastic! Congratulations on opening your new shop. It looks fabulous. I wish I lived in Melbourne to visit it!

  4. Your shop looks amazing!! I hope to come visit when I'm in Melbourne, though I fear I may never leave...

  5. Hi Rachel, well done on the new shop. It looks gorgeous, congratulations. Loving the newest shop dedicated to handmade, love from Shop handmade in Canberra. x Julie

  6. Ooh, I discovered Delilah Devine just recently at the Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane - sooooo lovely!! Loving all the pretty things in your beautiful shop shop in the future for all of us non-melbournians, maybe??