Friday, February 11, 2011

waste not, want not

I can't stand waste. I have a hard time throwing things out and it's only my adverse reaction to intense clutter in my living space and love of storage solutions that saves me from having a guest appearance on that oddly fascinating TV show "hoarders".

If it has a purpose, it can't be discarded. Which has caused me some torment just recently, balancing the desire to upgrade to an iphone 4 (I love gadgets) but not allowing myself to because my 2.5 year old iphone 3 works perfectly well. Loud cheers from me when my husband lost his phone and I could upgrade and give him mine!!

Back to the story, I do love that sense of achievement I get when I can re-use something and get rid of it at the same time! So, when my grocery delivery arrived right in the middle of creating my window display I was inspired to use this bit of second hand twine wrapped around a paper bag of fresh herbs.

Fresh veges from The Convenient Kitchen - highly recommended!

On the shorter side of a metre, it was still very useful to suspend the little cut out hearts in my Valentines window display....

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