Thursday, February 3, 2011

beach treasures

Inspired by Wendy Tuohy's column a couple of weeks ago on holidaying at home (Herald Sun Weekend lift out), I took the troupes off to the beach. Nothing like a bit of sand and salt water to make you feel like you're on holiday.

The thing is, we live exactly 2kms from the beach / one suburb away / a 3 min drive / a 25 min get the picture....and I'm ashamed to say we get there about once every couple of months (as opposed to when living 200 metres from the beach we visited every day after dinner during summer, and I walked every other day during winter). Out of sight out of mind.

It really was a wonderful time. We took muttley along for some socialising as well, the kids found some sea shell treasure and I found my new jewellery display!

Shell treasures from our friend

One very happy muttley (it's a dog beach)

my treasure. From this...... this...

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  1. I love the driftwood for your jewellery, looks beautiful.