Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nature AND nurture

It's a lovely day in the store today. I've put some gorgeous Mondocherry butterflies in the window and am just sitting here watching them dance in the breeze coming through the open door. (At $15 a packet and with a free branch from a local park, they make for a brilliant mobile.)

Unfortunately, the gentle breeze isn't the only bit of nature coming through the door.....I'm distracted by a cricket casually strolling in. A visitor from the current "plague".  I prefer my insects in paper form, thanks very much. The butterflies are going to have to dance to the breeze from the air conditioner instead!

Aside from setting up the new window display, today I happily took delivery of more Cosse body products. It feels a little bare in the store when I run low on Cosse. Annie dropped in today and topped everything up and brought in a couple of new items as well, including more of her mum's pottery and some gorgeous silk covered lavender eye pillows.

Almost as soon as Annie walked out the door there were customers caressing and smelling those soaps, with my favourite being a gorgeous 3 year old on her way to kinder. She just happens to collect soaps, she tells me because they make her room smell nice! She managed to overcome her 3yo shyness to come and ask me the price of the lovely pink clay soap. Her mum told me that when Dad goes on business trips, she's happy to get the hotel soap as her gift.

My son was more into the tacky, overpriced airport gift with limited life span. And he wouldn't settle for anything else. My husband and I used to do quite a lot of (separate) interstate business travel so he has a bucketful of broken toy airplanes.

Now, while I'm not into the whole "made to order baby" thing where you can choose gender, eye colour etc etc....if I was going down that path again I would close my eyes very tightly and wish for a child with a predisposition to beautiful, handmade things. Or maybe just free smelly things, that would be OK too.

Is it nature or nurture? Before my son was born I bought him a handmade woollen scotty dog softie, he has never liked it. He does however, quite like the blue bunny that looks like it came off the consolation rack of the duck shooting game at the royal easter show. And gee, hasn't that thing lasted longer than anyone could have hoped for.

Yesterday, I handed out Max's party invitations with a big Pokemon on the front. And there'll be a Pokemon transfer on his cake. He is now of the age where he has an opinion on his party so there goes that whimsical vintage circus, or retro cowboys & indians themed party that I keep seeing pics of in those glossy mags.

And my daughter, no pretty handmade dresses or hair clips for her. She favours the blue scrunchie dad bought home (from the airport) or the supermarket bulk pack of hair ties, and my son's hand me down jeans (complete with holes in knees).

How do you get a child who loves the good stuff?? I've gently encouraged and provided the right environment but no reward so far.

Now, where are those scissors....I have to cut that plastic tie on the bulk pack of black hair ties....oh and get pocket money out, Max will be wanting a $2 pack of pokemon cards on the way home from school...

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