Sunday, September 25, 2011

For Lease - try a little POP UP in South Melbourne!

Well, it's been a wonderful wonderful year in my little shop in South Melbourne. Unfortunately though, two halves of a marriage relying on retail to support a family of four doesn't quite add up.

So, as the main bread winner I'm back winning the bread.  I've got a new corporate gig in the city that requires my full time presence. My office isn't quite the same as the shop - ie. a light filled, warm and visually satisfying space with a beautiful view down a tree lined street to the gorgeous South Melbourne town hall - but it's still not a bad place to sit with some pretty great people around me and a regular income. And when I work back and the afternoon turns dark the view of the carpark and buildings next door look kind of pretty with all those lights....

Anyhoo - here's YOUR chance to have a go at a little shop for a while.

We're trying to find a taker for our whole building (two shopfronts, self contained studio, garage, 2/3 bedroom dwelling and a very cool second story deck) but we're pretty sure that will take a while to lease out.

So in the meantime we're open to a month to month lease for one or a group of Makers who would like to get some retail space for the Xmas trade. We have a phone line and an eftpos all set up, and still have some display cabinets, plinths, tables etc here if needed.

If you're interested (either in the building for a long term lease, or my shopfront on a month to month), please shoot through an email to and I'll get back to you!

I've contacted my Makers to thank them HUGELY for jumping on board when I opened last year. I had so many wonderful compliments on the items that we sold here, which clearly only the clever Makers who made them can take the credit for!!

I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks to all of the wonderful customers who also supported us. We developed some regulars pretty quickly and it was lovely to see their faces and have a good chat - and also see new additions with babies being born through the year.

We hope this isn't it for ever. I'll focus a little on this blog - which means I'll use it as a justification for shopping at every Makers market I can find - and I'd also like to look at a the occasional pop up shop perhaps at Christmas time next year. Because I love Christmas and I love gift wrapping!

So, please hang around, check in once and a while. If nothing else, I hope I can show you some new Makers or new markets from time to time.


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