Sunday, August 21, 2011

another country market find: Villa Hunter

Well, although I've been a tad behind in my communications I've still been busy behind the scenes!! A couple of months ago the Maker family headed to Daylesford for the day, primarily to check out the Farmers Market and the Makers Market.

We hit town just as the Farmers Market was packing up which was very disappointing, but saved by the purchase of some very yummy cookies which our youngest kept a very firm grip on.

We wandered up the hill to the Makers Market which, while small-ish, was well worth the visit in terms of quality.

The Daylesford Makers Market
Anchors favoured by Master Maker

Master Maker came across some wonderful cushions from Villa Hunter. We bought him one of the ship & anchor and he has loved it so much it was obvious we had to get some more for the shop. It took me a while, but here we have them....
Villa Hunter cushions. Birds for little and big girls.

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