Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Personal Best

As I've blogged before, I don't mind a bit of re-arranging. While I love a fresh look in the shop, the process usually brings a little pain, a load of frustration, and some regret at losing an additional hour or two of my life feeling overwhelmed an hour or so in.

Not so today! It took me the full 5 day break to get to it, but once I started I managed to make the paper dahlia-esk pom poms (courtesy of the Martha Stewart website, bless her), change the window display and re-arrange a fair bit of stock in just over an hour - WITH two kids running around at high speed, clinging to me, fighting around me, or using me as an obstacle in their obstacle course.

That's a PB.

(Credit: I must thank Mr Maker taking charge of relocation for the remaining Blaise McFarlane owls which bought me a good 30 minutes.)

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